Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deer Season

 The Rut.  It's the time of year (Late Autumn, Early Winter) when the boys chase the girls in the Deer world.  Because of this, many deer are visible and easier to spy.
 The Bucks antlers have grown and they love to show them off to the ladies.
 This girls usually are munching leaves and minding their own business.
 Occasionally, they will get a scent and wonder what to do.

 Very often, they hide in weeds and can barely be seen.  And every now and then, they take a drink from the nearest pond.
 But seriously, girls, watch out for this guy!  He is waiting right around the corner.

While all of this deer mating stuff goes on, other animals go about their merry way.  This Woodpecker is building a new home in a dead tree.  Nature sure is busy!!

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Ann said...

OMG, I love the picture of the bird, and the deer that's hiding in the meadow!