Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 There is a little island on our lake that houses many species of birds.  This past weekend, I got up at the crack of dawn, and decided to try and photograph a few.  I found this Black-crowned Night Heron. 

 He saw me.  Then he made his exit.
 He thought he could sneak around in this tree and I wouldn't see him.
 But I saw him alright.
And he sat there like a statue for the rest of the morning, waiting until night time when they start their day.

And then I saw this Eastern Kingbird.  He had a pretty voice.
But my favorite find of the day was the Green Heron.  I normally will hear them cackle from above, and finally found a few resting in the trees.  They are amazing to watch. 
 They can sit and look pretty.
 They can stretch their very long neck out to make them look like an entirely different bird.
 Or they can stretch their neck out just a little and pose for a portrait.
 They can dance.  (well, not really)

 The color of their feathers really brightens up once the sun hits them.

I want to be a bird when I grow up.