Friday, February 22, 2013

Everything Has a Price

Wandering through an antique store gives me unique kind of energy. What is the history of these items.  How were they used? Did they bring joy and happiness, or were they unappreciated.  Or were they simply a necessity.

 Horses, horses, horses.

How many happy children went round in circles on these carrousel horses?  Were they happy, or did they get dizzy and cry.

 Were the owners wealthy?  Were these lights hanging over dining tables looking over people having fun and laughing? Or maybe the guests were dressed in their Sunday Best discussing the current problems of the world.  Or maybe both.

There was surely music played after dinner in the grand ballroom.  Or did this belong to a small town music teacher.

One thing is for sure... people sure were fancy back in the day.

There was no air conditioning and so I'm sure there were several of these located around every room.

Laundry basket?  Potatoes?  Apples?
It's just a joy to find these treasures and let your mind wander for awhile. 

Antique stores.  They rock.