Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yesterday was an exciting day in my back yard.  My dog managed to find two baby raccoons living in the bushes.  After cornering one of them, and scaring the poor thing half to death, I was able to call off the dog, grab my camera, and begin to make a couple of friends.

They were scared and very shy at first.
After a few minutes, they figured I wasn't going to hurt them, and they posed for me.

 But then the sun came out.  They looked at each other and decided to head for the woods.  It was their bed time.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Angry Bird

She is a beautiful Bird, the Great Blue Heron.
There is a park in town that is beautiful.  It has birds and ponds and flowers and ducks and waterfalls.  There is a Great Blue Heron that likes to sit by the waterfall and wait for dinner to swim by.  Yesterday, I tried to get a great picture of this guy and there was a fish jumping out of the water.  It was a very LARGE fish.  So large, in fact, that it looks fake in this picture.  But it's not fake.  I got this guy jumping out of the water.

 She can ruffle her feathers like the best of them.  And dive in for food.
But don't get in her space.  If you do, she gets ANGRY.

The Geese found this out the hard way.

Then, off she went.

Mamma duck and her little ones were minding their own business like a good duck family should.